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My thoughts on Change.

Updated: May 9, 2021

Welcome to my blog, a collection of my most sincerest thoughts that I am sharing with the world. As excited as I feel, I can also feel a bit of anxiety in my chest. This is new for me. that feeling of anxiety is my body going a little haywire as I feel how


Although, with a plethora of wisdom within these thoughts of mine, I thought that it is time to share them. I typically reserve my words for my closest friends and family, the people who I believe understand these thoughts most. But two things are facts for me... 1) I love to share my thoughts. 2) Just because someone doesn't agree with my thoughts does not take away the value of what they can contribute in perspective to others. Accepting these two things as facts has lead me to writing this blog.

If you made it this far in reading then you are truly interested in what this blog is about. Perhaps you saw the title and thought "I would like to read more..." or maybe you are just here being nosey. Either way I hope you get something out of this.

So, here it goes...

What does it take to make a change in your life?

Before I answer that question I would like to walk you through a recent discovery that I made through my own experience.

First of all, becoming a spiritual coach was a COMPLETE change in my life. I never thought I'd be here. But this journey has bought tremendous blessings to my life in the form of discipline, accountability, and boundaries. I've been enforcing all three into my life more than I ever have... and I can honestly say I have seen and felt tremendous change. I was already at a good place to begin with but this new path is accelerating me to a new level peace and innerstanding.

All three of these things I have found the power to enforce on myself and in my life without force from outside influence or stress. It's as though I live in a natural rhythm of accepting the present moment while using these 3 things as tools to keep me in alignment. So how did I reach this new state of being?

Through awareness and practice.

It sounds so simple but it's my truth. Through training to become a spiritual coach, I had to also be coached as well. Every coaching session opened up a new level of awareness and lifted a weight from the burden of my silence. Since the coach is suppose to focus on your present reality, I was always being coached through where I am currently. Emotionally, Physically, Mentally. It was always about "How do you feel right now?" Dissecting all these thoughts honestly made my feel vulnerable but gave me so much clarity.

Acknowledging Our Truth Holds The Key To Our Liberation.

Becoming aware of my truth and accepting it without judgement meant that I was no longer ignorant to my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions, so I could figure out a way to overcome them. I felt powerful with this new awareness, but that wasn't enough to invoke effective change. I had to put forth an action plan. I had the powerful feminine energy ignited, (intuition/the knowing) but my masculine energy (action) must follow through with the steps forward.

As I stepped forward day by day, I kept reminding myself

...To make effective change, it's all about consistent practice.

If you are familiar with doing yoga consistently then this concept is not foreign to you. Through consistent practice with our bodies, we are able to make shapes and become more flexible in ways we never could before. All because of how we practiced each day.

If we consistently practice (or train) in physical routines, it's typically guaranteed that there will be successful changes within our bodies. So how do we train with our minds?

For me it looked like INTENTION & CONSCIOUSNESS, or should I say the intention to remain conscious throughout my day. In a previous life (maybe about a year ago) I ran most of my day on auto pilot and would react the same way to many situations and circumstances. My mind and body were very familiar and quite comfortable with certain negative traits in my reality and personality as long as I was getting by. But I could feel a different version of me, a healthier, less toxic, version that wanted to live her life in reality and not just in my mind.I realized something after studying, for the second time, the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza. When we are fully present we are powerful. We can consciously make choices that create major changes within our body, mind, and even DNA. But in situations that trigger, anger, sadness, fear, hate, you can react unconsciously and automatic to those triggers. But in those moments where you are triggered, if you step into your conscious mind and out of the subconscious programming, you can choose to react in a way that is different. The body and mind will recognize this change. It may even feel uncomfortable. But it means that you are stepping into a new space, a new experience, where you are no longer running on auto pilot to react subconsciously out of familiar patterns. You are, in that moment, creating a new reality, wiring a new you by making a change, consciously. BUT...In order for that change to be truly effective in your life, you must remain CONSISTENT in making conscious choices that reflect the person you want to become until THOSE choices become the new imprint in the subconscious mind, thus creating a change in your personal reality and your personality.

Consider this, if life is a sport, and you are the athlete, then every day that you show up to live, is a day you show up for practice. And how practice each day to become the person you want to be, determines how you play in the game. I know what you're probably thinking, if each day is practice, then when is the actual game? The game is when you finally step into the reality of living as the person you pictured yourself being. And by the time you step into this new reality, you will realize, you didn't even have to play the game to win, all you had to do was PRACTICE.

Every moment you recognize the change within you that you made because of how you practiced each day, is a WIN!

The person we are right now, we practiced being until that's who we became.

So if you want to change the person you are, then you must practice every day living as the person you want to become.

And let me just say there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a new version of you. Maybe you feel as though you can be more expansive, gentle, caring, compassionate, disciplined, physically healthier, mentally healthier, more accountable... All these are states of beings that you may not be living in currently and want to achieve. Awareness of that truth is the first step of birthing a new life. The second step is making conscious choices in the action that is going to lead you to these new states of beings in every moment that is offered to you, regardless of circumstances, triggers, contradicting emotions, negative thoughts and who and what is around you. You must practice teaching your mind and body how to not only choose but also live within these new states of being. The moment you choose a different reaction than the one you typically choose, you are rewiring yourself and becoming a new person. And you must keep practicing making those kind of choices until this new person you want to become, is who you are. If you try once or twice and quit on yourself, you'll never become the person you want to be, so be consistent, no matter the time, circumstances, or how you feel. You may realize through the process that it is you who is your biggest obstacle, but as you show up to practice each day, you will eventually learn how to get out of your own way.

Practice now being the person you want to become. And keep doing it. I can guarantee practicing every day living, thinking, and reacting as the person you want to be will lead you to becoming that person.

And remember that all you have is today.

So to get to there, you must take it one day at a time.

Stay blessed on your journey.

With Love,

Brittany S. Hall

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So well said and I am so happy you decided to do this. Ive followed you for so long and your growth is so amazing to see. Keep going mama. You got this and im going to continue to be your supporter.

Brittany S. Hall
Brittany S. Hall
May 12, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time out to read my blog and show your support 💜✨ it means a lot

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