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Full Moon Ritual

If you know me then you KNOW I'm infatuated with the moon. I am also big on working with the power of the moon to create alignment within my life.

In honor of the full moon, I decided to share my favorite full moon ritual.

(This is a ritual I practice, not created myself)

The Full Moon in Aquarius this month on Aug 22nd.

Full Moons are a powerful time for rituals focused on releasing and endings. What are you ready to let go of? Grab these items : paper (any paper EXCEPT paper from a manifestation journal), pen, fire, fire safe bowl, water. Find a sacred space. Write intentions on what you want to release, starting with "I Release..."

Tip : You can use the traits from the zodiac sign that the full moon is in to amplify your intentions.

After you write your intentions you MUST finish with this clause: "I demand that all celestial beings, bodies, programs, implants, thought forms, frequencies, vibrations and patterns that are enabling the energy i'm intending to release and anchoring any dense energy in my field to leave my energy through all space, time, and dimension on every layer of my existence and all energy that my being is comprised of. You have no place here. I declare all these things to be so and in perfect alignment with my greatest and highest good. And so it is." - your name Burn your list.
Be mindful that this is an energy release. And sometimes how energy is stored is how it will be released. So if you find yourself with fluctuating emotions after doing this ritual, don't stress... You're flushing out what you asked to release.

Drink lots of water in the days after.


With Love,


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