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The Possibilities in Accepting the Present Moment

I have a very simple affirmation that I use daily. I'm sure you heard it.

"It is what it is"

Throughout our day many things happen. We experiences different situations, different people or we are living in certain circumstances that we wish we had the power to change or control. We use our judgement of these situations and circumstances to try and determine what this reality means for our future. Then we become so focused on that definition and judgement and what it means for us in in the place we are now and the place we haven't even arrived yet. And all of that makes it harder for us to accept the present moment we are living in.

But what if we didn't make it so hard on ourselves and just decided to surrender to our current realities. What if we accepted what shows up and how it is showing up currently?

What if instead we just learned to tell ourselves...

"it is what it is."

When I tell myself that "It is what it is" I am able to surrender to the thought that in this moment, I do not seek change. I do not dwell on the future or the potential. I am not defining what this means. I am not trying to change or control anything in this moment. I am allowing it to be as it has shown up. I am just accepting it currently, as it is."

The reason why it's so hard to accept the present reality sometimes is because in all truth, there is something you want to change about it. You start to judge and define what this current reality means in order to try control your future . But by not accepting your current reality means that you are ignoring the power you used to create it. And that creates resistance in moving forward towards your future reality. It doesn't mean that the future you want is impossible to reach or will take a certain amount of time, it's just that you are making it harder on yourself by creating this resistance. You're making it harder to manifest that reality because you are disempowering yourself. It's like your energy is in the offense AND the defense. Believing that you have the power to create the future but not accepting the power you used to create the now. The energy of accepting the now will empower your future because they are both your reality. One is just happening currently. If we were to collapse time, your past, present, and future is still on the timeline your life's reality, no matter when they took place. But because we call it "past, present, and future" we connect the words to being related to time. Once you get the time relation out of your head, you'll realize that all parts of yourself are connected and living in different realms, and you are living a life on a journey to meet these parts of yourself.

The moments you dreamed of have not shown up yet. And although you are moving towards those moments, you're focused on those moments and envisioning those moments, you forget that this moment, right now, is the only moment that exist for you currently. And it is quickly passing by. You are unaware of it and not even acknowledging it. Maybe because you rather be somewhere else or be someone else or be with someone else in a different moment. But this moment is your current reality.Who you share this moment with or what you are choosing and doing in this moment is your doing.

Your own willpower created this moment for you.

And you may not be accepting of your reality.Yet that means you are ignoring your own creation.

I have a great awareness that life is always in motion. Every moment flows into the next. Constant movement. So constant that every moment is temporary. So accepting each moment is the most powerful thing you can do. Because every moment is only a moment, and in order to catch that moment, you have to be present in it. That presence holds power and possibilities.

Right now, in human form we are in no different reality than the present. Our spirit can travel but as humans we can‘t live in the future. We can only do our best to create the one we desire. We can't live in the past. We can only recreate past experiences. We are living in the now. And when you focus on the NOW, you have more access to your power and possibilities in creating your life. Right now, accepting what is may be hard or it could be easy. It may be uncomfortable or it could make you proud. And if you are worried about your future then you must understand that the future is determined by what you do RIGHT NOW.


If you are someone who tries to control the future then fool your mind by telling yourself that the only way you can control the future is to CONTROL THE NOW!

So look at what IS in your life RIGHT NOW. Accept what IS in your life as it is RIGHT NOW. And from there, strategize what you could do RIGHT NOW to create the vision that you have of your future.

With Love,

Brittany S . Hall

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1 comentário

QoQo Phoenix
QoQo Phoenix
20 de mai. de 2021

I just love the nudges of the Universe!

Sitting in the drive-thru, several cars in front of me--and I get the nudge "Go read Brittany Hall's blog." Sure, I think, apparently there's only one employee on duty today--I've got time!

Not only did you post this on May 12th--My birthday, but these are precisely the thoughts I've been contemplating most recently.

Accepting what is, for what it is.--The Serenity prayer comes to mind with a more profound understanding. I'm living more consciously and in doing so I'm more aware of my self-talk, I recently caught myself in the midst of a negative statement, and before I could finish the thought I had this epiphany:

I am responsible for and actively…

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